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Canes, chains and clippers


After a wonderfully busy December filled with Christmas markets and festive sales, we are now back to working hard in the vineyard to prepare for the growing season.

We are getting ready for our winter pruning by bringing down the tucking-in wires. Working in pairs, we lower one end of the chains and bring the wires down releasing the canes, which stay upright due to their summer training. This process becomes tricky when the canes haven’t grown up through the bottom set before the second, higher, set. This can result in a cane or two flicking our faces, which is not so nice when it’s cold – boy does it sting! Hand and eye protection are needed at all times (there go our lovely callus and cut-free hands and nails, which had a nice break over Christmas).  We then take the chains down at the other end and walk back up clipping them into the middle posts to lift them off the ground.

By doing this we are giving the pruning crew clear and easy access to the vines when it comes to pruning. Pruning will begin on January 28th and finish on the 31st regardless of weather conditions. This is the only time that we bring crew into the vineyard to help, the rest of the time we do all the work ourselves (except, of course, during harvest when we have local volunteers).

After the winter pruning, we will be killing the weeds that grow around the vines. This needs to happen before the vines show any sign of coming out of their dormancy stage, as weed control stops the moment that we see fluffy buds.

We are also preparing additional land for planting new vines next to the Pinot Noir in 2020. We have not decided what we are planting yet, so watch this space.

If you would like to know more about our work in the vineyard, why not book in for a Tour and Tasting session. All dates and details are available on the Tours and Tastings page.

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