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Happy with the fruits of our labour

Harvest is finished. Over the course of two weeks, in between the showers, we managed to pick 8.6 tonnes of grapes. We would like to say a big thank you to all those volunteers who came along to help.

Harvest 2019 was much later than it was last year, where the perfect conditions meant we were able to complete picking in September. However, this year’s harvest in late October was not unusual for this country.

As well as waiting for the grapes to ripen, we needed to wait for a dry spell. The heavy rainfall this Autumn was one of the main delays. When there is rain, the grapes plump up reducing sugar levels. But we also could not leave the harvest for too long because the acidity levels in the grapes increases when the temperatures dip at night. We just had to hold our nerve and wait it out.

The vines are now empty of fruit and the grapes are at the winery, where they have been pressed and will left until sometime between March and May when blending and tasting starts.

In the vineyard, the vine leaves are continuing to fall and we will leave the vines alone until the winter pruning starts early next year. What we will start to do is to focus on getting nutrients into the soil to feed the roots. This should ensure our vines get the best support over the winter period. We are literally laying the groundwork for next year’s harvest.

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